Month: September 2017

Know your webhost

If you don’t know who is providing your web hosting service, you need to change that. If I had a bitcoin for every time one of our clients suffered unnecessarily because they did not know who was hosting their website…well, I’d be insanely rich. It’s so important to understand your website hosting situation, and it’s …

Do you own your business’ domain name?

It sounds like an obvious question. But you might be surprised to know that over half of small businesses do not own their own domain name. The consequences of which can be a disastrous end to your business at worst, and at best, a weeklong headache and too many calls to GoDaddy (or whoever your …

Online asset? What’s that?

What is an online asset? Lots of different people, smart people, have come up with varying definitions for online assets, digital assets, web assets and the like.  As a small business owner, it is difficult keeping track of the sheer volume of technology terms and concepts that dominate social media sites, blogs and the media. …

Yet another reason to control your online assets.

A lot of business owners are downright embarrassed about how little they actually know about their online assets. Heck, most business owners don’t even know what an online asset is, let alone which assets they own. While its not really OK to plead ignorance when it comes to your business’s online presence, it’s certainly understandable. …

What’s in a name? Domain Name Management for Small Businesses

  Shakespeare famously wrote “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. This is 100% wrong when it comes to Domain Names. Domain names are first and foremost a representative of the brand for your business or organization.  As a small business owner myself, I rarely thought of myself as a having a …

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