A lot of business owners are downright embarrassed about how little they actually know about their online assets. Heck, most business owners don’t even know what an online asset is, let alone which assets they own.

While its not really OK to plead ignorance when it comes to your business’s online presence, it’s certainly understandable. Between the 20+ online password accounts (avg. for small businesses), the zoo of online directories, the latest set of branding files, company emails, and your website’s actual domain information, it’s easy to feel at a loss.

What’s doubly bad: when you have to somehow track down some piece of your company’s online presence in a time of transition. Too often, business owners turn up empty handed, become dependent on their web manager, or simply neglect the process altogether.

Take for example the story of Mary. As the daughter of the owner of the area’s premier tile and stone retailer, Mary was set to take over the business when her father tragically fell ill. During such a time, the last thing anybody wants to do is hassle with accessing an online account, or have to track down a rogue company email.

Much to her dismay, not only was Mary unable to access some key accounts – Facebook and Google Analytics to name a couple – when searching for her father’s store online, she was confronted with a barrage of online directories littered with 1-star reviews, incorrect phone numbers, and images of the wrong building!

Overwhelmed, and at a loss of what to do next, Mary contacted SWIM. After an initial audit of her company’s online presence, SWIM helped Mary identify, store, and safely manage her business’s online assets – from password profiles to domain name information. After Mary was able to get a hold of her accounts in a single, secure location, she was able to effectively mitigate damage due to a lack of control and put in place protocols that will help manage her business’ online presence for years to come.

If you’re a business owner, hopefully this doesn’t sound very familiar. But we understand if it does. And if so, there is an easy, affordable solution to handling your company’s online assets. Whether you’re getting ready for change in ownership, or if you just want to manage your business with more confidence, SWIM can help you get a hold of what matters.