From building a brand new site to running a low-budget marketing campaign,  digital agencies and freelancers are deeply involved in the management of their clients’ web information. We believe these organizations are uniquely poised to provide their customers with the tools needed to secure and manage their web information.

We team up with freelancers and agencies to provide their clients with an affordable, digital asset management solution.

How many times has your agency delayed project start dates, been forced to charge the client more, or simply lost money due to untimely access to your client’s credentials?

After the client kickoff meeting ends, the process to collect all the necessary online information your team will need to start the project begins.

SWIM staff works with you clients to help identify, inventory, and access the digital assets your team needs to start working.

SWIM’s comprehensive onboarding process allows your agency to save time, mitigate risk, increase customer transparency, and ultimately increase ROI.

Sharing and managing credentials between the client, internal staff, and third party vendors can get messy. More often than not, important digital assets are found buried in some inbox, hidden on a post-it note, or trapped in the brain of some employee.

With SWIM, you get access to a single platform for sharing and managing all your client’s digital assets: passwords, emails, domain and hosting information.

No more emails requesting login access. Always have access to the digital assets when you need them. It’s all bout having the right information at the right time.


Agencies are increasingly on the hook for compromising their clients operations because of misplaced or unaccounted for digital assets. With proper digital asset management, this need not be the case.

Now you can actually help protect your clients’ credentials. SWIM serves as a mediating platform between your agency and your clients, relieving your agency of liability.

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