Do you work with multiple clients? Manage team members? Deal with subcontractors? How about third-party agencies, developers, writers, and designers? That’s a lot of cooks in the digital kitchen. SWIM gives you and your clients the power to manage users’ access to their passwords, email accounts, hosting information and important files. So, when the gig is over, when people leave, or when new people join a project, you have the power to invite, revoke, or temporarily suspend an individual’s access to passwords.

Once your client hands you the keys to their digital kingdom, it’s on your responsibility to protect it. Whether it’s their website, FTP accounts, servers, databases, social media accounts or any other digital property, you have an ethical responsibility to treat their data as securely as your own. Sending passwords “in a separate email” isn’t going to hack it anymore. Take the time to manage your clients’ credentials professionally, with the security they deserve.


After the client kickoff meeting ends, the process to collect all the necessary online information your team will need to start the project begins. SWIM staff works with you clients to help identify, inventory, and access the digital assets your team needs to start working. SWIM’s comprehensive onboarding process allows your agency to save time, mitigate risk, increase customer transparency, and ultimately increase ROI.

Sharing and managing credentials between the client, internal staff, and third party vendors can get messy. More often than not, credentials are found buried in some inbox, hidden on a post-it note, or trapped in the brain of some employee.

With SWIM, you get access to a single platform for sharing and managing all your client’s web information: passwords, emails, domain and hosting information.

No more emails requesting login access. You know have access to the information when you need them. It’s all bout having the right information at the right time.

As an advertising, design, development, IT professional or organization, you are increasingly on the hook for your client misplaced or stolen credentials.

Security is constantly changing. What was secure when you started your business, probably isn’t anymore. Sending credentials in an unencrypted email is not secure. Sending a password to a client by text, SMS, or social media messenger is not secure. Saving a “little black book” of passwords is not secure, and neither is putting all of your passwords in a non-encrypted spreadsheet on your company intranet. You stopped sending credit card numbers in emails, so stop emailing passwords.

Now you can actually help protect your clients’ credentials. SWIM serves as an easy, helpful platform for you and your clients, relieving your agency of liability.

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